CASH Winners of the

$1000 2023 Lincoln Poker Tour Tourney

1st PlaceRandy Wilson
2nd PlaceTom Benes
3rd PlaceWalter Jennings "Rock"
4th PlaceTony Lonowski
5th PlaceCindy Leer
6th PlaceMarylin Petska
7th PlaceCourtney Sailors
8th PlaceGeorge Gatlan

Thank you to all the wonderful players who came out and made this a spectacular event!  Congratulations to everyone  who made it to the final 2 tables, you played exceptionally well!  

Upcoming Tournaments and Planned Events

2024 Lincoln Poker Tour Championship            Spring TBD, 2024 (2-Day Event)

2024  LPT $1000 Annual Tournament                 July TBD 1pm & 3pm (2-Day Event)

Kickoff Classic                                                          August, 2024

 LIBA Fundraiser Tournament                              October 2024 

Halloween Party                                                     October 31, 2024

People For Water Fundraiser Tournament        November 2024  in Kearney, NE

LPT's Annual Food & Clothing Drive                    November -December 2023*

2023 Holiday Classic                                               December, 2023

* (all LPT games: DONATE ANY NEW ITEM and receive 2k bonus chips per shelf stable food item or 5k per clothing/hygiene item, up to 5 items. If you donate 5 food items you will receive an additional 15k bonus and if you donate 5 clothing/hygiene items you will receive 25k bonus  (for a total 50k maximum per session).

Email us at, stop in at any game of the week and play, or visit our Facebook page for details.



Winner of the 2023 WSOP Seat and 4 days and 3 nights Las Vegas package sponsored by

Lincoln Poker Services       

CONGRATULATIONS     to     Lincoln    Poker    Tour's:

2023 Player of the Year

Tom Benes

2023 VIP

   Darryl Lock