Due to COVID 19 health issues ALL games are cancelled until further notice.

You ARE SPECIAL! Stay safe amigos.



Lincoln Poker Services

Rules & Regulations

1. All players must be registered members of Lincoln Poker Services (LPS). Registration is available before each tournament at all sites. Members must register only once. To register ahead of time, you may do this by text the message "LPT1" to the short code 90210 and then replying to the automatic response with your First and Last Name and Last 4 digits of your phone #.

2. Players must be 21 years of age

3. Players must sign-in before every tournament to win prizes, where applicable.

4. No purchase is required to play. No minimum drink or food purchase, nor cover charge may be applied to players.

5. State law prohibits players from placing any form of currency on the table at any time.

Violators of this regulation will be asked to comply or leave immediately.

6. Players caught cheating will be disqualified from the tournament and have their playing privileges terminated by Lincoln Poker Services.

Cheating includes, but is not limited to, players acting as a team or colluding, stealing chips, misrepresenting bonus chip eligibility, marking cards, card substitution, and any act that breaks the rules to gain an advantage.

7. No gambling is allowed. Cash bets, side bets, and use of Lincoln Poker Services equipment where gambling is involved is strictly prohibited.

Gambling is defined as any and all illegal gaming activity as mandated by applicable state and federal laws.

8. Every player has the right to play their hand as they choose.

Inappropriate, abusive or disruptive behavior or language, cheating, gambling or other violations may result in penalty or eviction from a particular tournament and potentially the LPS system in general. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, any player whose personal hygiene has become disruptive to other players seated at their table. The determination of an individual's hygiene as disruptive relative to other players will be determined by LPS or it representatives which may, discretely, implement sanctions upon any player who refuses to rectify the situation in a satisfactory manner, at the sole discretion of LPS and its representatives.

Depending on the nature of the violation a player may be suspended from a tournament or for a longer period consisting of a week, month, or lifetime exile from LPS.

LPS chips, points, monthly cards, and invitations are a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT and have no monetary value.

If a player is evicted from the LPS system, the player forfeits all accumulated chips, points, tournament qualifications, and prizes.

10. Physical Violence or Threats of Physical Violence will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion.

11. Lincoln Poker Services is an entertainment service provider and runs its games in such a manner.

All Games are for entertainment purposes only.

12. Management has the right to cancel or alter any tournament.

13. In all disputes the ruling of the tournament host is final and binding.

14. Rules are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Lincoln Poker Services.

It is the intent of Lincoln Poker Services to provide a FUN and FRIENDLY atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

We hope these rules and regulations help accomplish that goal. They will be enforced discretely and only when necessary.
Have fun!